MessPatch Light: renovated, integrated, and updated

Posted on September 18th, 2008
Itching to tweak the new Windows Live Messenger 9 Beta? Your prayers have been answered! While Mess Patch is still being cooked up, MessPatch Light is ready for serving.

After almost a year of no updates, you can now get back in action with the new MessPatch Light: integrated into the website (for all of you popuphobic messers) and updated to work with the new beta (build 14.0.5027.908) released just a couple of days ago.

So what's new you ask?
- Updated to work with Windows Live Messenger 14.0.5027.908.
- Added "Remove partner links" option for versions 8.5.x and 9.0.x.
- Fixed "Disable Windows Live Spaces Integration" for all versions.

Big daddy Mess Patch is being impeded by some restrictions introduced in the new release, meanwhile you can get your patch on with the new MessPatch Light (also known as messy-poo ;))

PS: As a side effect of the aforementioned "restrictions", MessPatch Light will not remove the advertisement banner from the contact list. The text advertisement in the conversation windows however, is unaffected.