Announcing Mess Patch for 8.5 Final

Posted on November 7th, 2007
The eagerly-awaited Mess Patch for the newly (pre-)released Windows Live Messenger 8.5 final is out! Apart from the usual batch of fixes and improvements, the Disable All Spaces Integration option has been fixed and unfortunately, the CustoMess button had to be removed due to some changes in this new build.

On a sidenote, you are encouraged to post your suggestions and feedback on the forum since I am planning another release with a long feature request list that I haven't had the time to investigate.

UPDATE: It seems messers were looking for the Translucent Dashboard option and weren't able to find it. That's because it has been replaced by a new option which makes the conversation window's top toolbar like that of the contact list, which I thought would be more fit for the new 8.5 GUI. Check the screenshot on the right.