Mess Patch gets its own little nutshell

Posted on October 1st, 2007
A little less than 3 years old, Mess Patch has finally earned its place on the web. After all, the patch has grown and it shows: there's been a patch issued for almost every version of Messenger released since 7.0 beta, and with five generations of releases and around 6 million downloads, we feel it's about time to open up a website that specializes with Mess Patch exclusively. Still Still 80+ features strong. Still messing.

Anything and everything you need to know and get for Mess Patch: News, Updates, Development, Downloads and lame jokes are here. And if you feel like you’ve got something to say but no one’s listening, you can post your feedback, bug reports, suggestions, and feature requests on the Mess Patch forum.

So from now on, is home of Messenger's ultimate toolkit. Bookmark it. Tell your friends about it. Shout it from the rooftops. Write it on a restroom wall near you! (If you actually get around to doing just that, please take a photo and send it to ;)